Coping with depression help books on self-help


In the U.S., the appointment of specialist books on self-help from the NHS considered an effective treatment for major depression, the researchers found.

Patients are offered the respective subjects of the book, as well as a series of books, which, if properly used can help reduce levels of depression among them faster than in those patients who are required to read the usual literature.

The effect was seen as a supplement to the benefits of other treatments, such as antidepressants, the researchers report in the Journal of Scotland PLoS ONE.

Such an approach, as the experts, can greatly assist in the treatment of depression.

The study included more than 200 patients with a diagnosis of depression, half of which, along with the reading of taking antidepressants.

Some participants were asked to self-help guide aimed at both the treatment of the various aspects of depression, and to overcome sleep problems.

The study also included three sessions with a counselor, during which time he helped patients in getting the most out of the books, as well as in the preparation of a detailed plan to achieve improvement.

As a result, after four months of treatment, patients who used the self-help books were marked by lower levels of depression than those who were prescribed conventional therapy, providing for the use of antidepressants

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