In the U.S., there was ice cream, treating colds


The American company Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams made ice cream that eases colds. The main components of the product are honey, ginger, lemon juice and orange, also issued an option treats with bourbon and cayenne pepper. All of these components make it easy to acute symptoms: honey softens the pain, and cayenne pepper makes breathing easier, clearing his nose. In addition, the ice cream contains pectin, which is enveloping the throat, relieves sore.

The creators of the recipe are sure that these ingredients are effective against influenza and acute respiratory viral infections. The idea of developing a useful sorbet came in 2004 during a severe influenza pandemic. So, treat significantly reduces pain in the throat, scratchy cleans, helping the patient to sleep. New food product will be available in retail stores in the U.S., as well as the company’s online store-View Manufacturers in the period from February to March, the price of 12 dollars a pint.

Meanwhile, the scientists believe that the ice cream is useful not for everyone. They argue that the use of ice cream, cold drinks can trigger a severe headache. It turns out that the use of these products, contributing to a sharp inflow of blood to the brain, causing vasodilation occurs, and there is pain attack.

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