British scientists have announced the completion of the era of antibiotics


British doctors say that in the world there are more and more bacteria resistant to many existing antibiotics today, they threaten the planet as much as global warming and the search for new antibiotics become increasingly difficult.

Sally Davies, chief medical officer of England reported that bacteria become resistant to most modern medicines, while there is no new antibiotics. During a speech before the Parliamentary Committee of the country, Davis expressed his concerns about the scale of the problem. In the near future, according to the doctor, even the most simple surgery can threaten the lives of patients, reports BBC.

"Global warming is clear, this is not a major threat to humanity - said in his report to Davis. - The onset of the Apocalypse can be expected in 20 years, when, for example, surgery to replace the hip joint can cause the patient’s death, because we simply do not have the proper antibiotics. "

So, today, as the chief medical officer of England, there was only one antibiotic that is able to cope with gonorrhea.

"This is a very serious problem caused by the inefficient use of antibiotic drugs in the world, - said in a speech Davis. - Mankind "grows" resistant infections, often resorting to the use of standard types of antibiotics. "

Proposals for the solution of all the problems voiced by Dr. Davis has promised to provide in its next report, which is published in the March of the current year.

The author of the report and agreed WTO - World Health Organization experts also do not stop to argue that unless serious action is taken, the antibiotic era comes to an end.

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