Scientific discovery has identified the secret of a successful training program


You have the feeling that your workout leave you tired, not giving a real difference? The study by researchers from the University of cyclists Stirling possible to discover the secret of successful training. This discovery will allow us all to become more athletic.

Scientists studied 12 cyclists for 29 weeks to determine the optimal training intensity.

"Over the years, the number and quality of the training was a stumbling block for coaches and athletes, but this is the first study of its kind, giving a solution to this problem," - said Stuart Galloway, who led the study.

Two groups of six cyclists each, were receiving a different distribution of the intensity of training. The first working mode 80% of the high intensity and low 20 percent, and the second 55% and the lowest 45% moderate load.

After four weeks of rest, the groups are reversed, and it turned out that the first group has increased its rates twice that of the second group.

Dr. Galloway added: "We found that if you make heavy session heavier and lighter - easier, your progress will accelerate. Athletes lovers often spend a lot of time at moderate loads, which in our study did not give great results."

"We believe that although the intensity of the load is important, but its combination of low load gives even better results."


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