Twitter is recognized by scientists an effective way to lose weight


A team of U.S. scientists from the University of North Carolina decided to find out, can you help maintain microblog users to get rid of extra pounds. The results will please those who can not imagine my life without communication in social networks, according to Corriere della Sera.

The experiment consisted in the separation of those with signs of obesity in two groups. All participants were switched to a healthy diet, and also provided mobile phones. Every three days, each volunteer received messages with specific instructions regarding the optimization of nutrition and other new challenges.

Smartphones are one of the groups that have been equipped with applications that make their achievements participants could tell on Twitter under the slogan "He sat down on a diet - write about it on Twitter and Lose Weight Faster!"

Volunteers several times a day consulted a nutritionist, inviting them to share their successes with friends who have had similar problems, detailing information about the diet on the web. It should be emphasized that all the accounts were completely anonymous and, in addition, none of the users did not have to write exactly how much it weighs.

Not all the experts carry out the instructions, but the diet are to take place in those participants who are more often wrote in microblogging. "Who has more messages posted, one more lost," - said the head of the research team Bree Turner Makgrevi. Expert reinforced the simple formula of the following statistics: weight reduction of 0.5% corresponded every 10 tweets sent.

This success helped the participants to achieve much other Internet users, strongly supporting the subjects and inspired them with their messages on the fight against obesity, as stressed by the researchers.

Services like "Tweet" something can be useful, but editing warns that, according to research by American scientists, overreliance on social networks can also contribute to depression.

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