Bad habits are sometimes useful


Doctors are constantly being told about the dangers of alcohol, coffee and stress, but it turns out that even these bad habits have a positive side.

Typically, if ever it comes to the usefulness of alcohol, then all at once think of the red wine, beer about the same no one even mentions. In fact, beer in moderation is also a very healthy drink. According to nutritionist Cassie Dimmik from the U.S., it is rich in antioxidants that help fight many diseases. In addition, beer is useful for the bones and joints dietary silicon and iron. It contained more iron in the dark beer.

Everyone knows that caffeine is bad for the heart. However, data from recent studies show that this drink can be useful - it improves mood. The fact that the coffee promotes development in brain serotonin and dopamine affecting emotional state. In addition, the coffee contained a number of antioxidants and other nutrients which reduce the risk of cancer. So if you do not start the day without a cup of coffee, but do not worry and keep quiet to enjoy this "harmful" habits. You just have to try to determine its rate of caffeine a day and try not to exceed it.

In short-term stress also has its positive aspects. During times of stress activates the production of cortisol. This hormone increases the concentration and the concentration of human attention and helps to better achieve its objectives. However, care should be taken to short-term stress of not develop prolonged depression, which does not exactly have anything useful to man.

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