Garnet will cheat hunger and prevent overeating


The capsules containing the components of pomegranate curb the strong feeling of hunger and save you from overeating, as ascertained by Scottish scientists. This preparation will help reduce the amount of daily food intake by 22%.

Pomegranate has long called super-food in view of the large amount of antioxidants in it. These substances protect against a number of diseases the human body. However, recently became aware of yet another valuable as a grenade - the ability to reduce the feeling of hunger. Regular consumption of pomegranate extract, as scientists say, can give a person a feeling of satiety, it will save them from overeating.

Experts from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh attracted to participate in the experiment, the volunteers who for three weeks every day to take nutritional supplements with pomegranate extract. They reported that during the study felt less hungry, as compared with the participants in the control group receiving placebo. All volunteers during meals given equal portions, but the people who took supplements, on average, eat 22% less. At the same time they were getting more pleasure from eating.

In the experiment, the researchers used a pomegranate extract, which contains the skin, pulp and seeds of the fruit. All of the volunteers on the last day of observation had to drink a glass of pomegranate juice before eating portion of pasta with tomato sauce. Within 15 minutes before the start of the meal, and for two hours after a meal study participants shared their impressions of the severity of hunger, just as they were, and then saturated. Volunteers who took over three weeks pomegranate extract, 12% feel less hungry, and 16% more full after eating, and 15% more satisfied eaten food.

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