Erection problems can be caused by heart disease


The cause of erection problems in men can be a cardiovascular disease and the risk of early death, according to new information from the Australian scientists who have published their work in the journal PLOS Medicine.

According to a press release from the Institute Sachs, the world’s nearly one in five men over the age of 40 years, there has erectile dysfunction moderate or severe.

"The likelihood of developing heart disease in the future, as well as premature death due to the severity of erectile dysfunction in men as in cardiovascular diseases in history, and in their absence," - said the chief researcher Professor Emily Banks (Emily Banks).

According to her information, like sexual dysfunction does not cause heart disease, as evidenced by a symptom already available, but so far hidden disease. Author urges men not to remain silent about their problems, which will help professionals to anticipate potential failures in the heart and in a timely manner to prevent them.

A group of researchers from the Institute of Saks, Australian National University, the University of Sydney and a number of other agencies to provide an overview of data on hospitalizations and deaths. Observed for 2-3 years male patients reported regularly about their health and way of life that they led. As it turned out, 7855 hospitalizations, and 2.3 thousand deaths have been associated with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

"We have found that men with erectile dysfunction were found to have higher risk of sudden disturbances of the heart such as heart attack, heart failure, the development of peripheral vascular disease, as well as problems with the electrical conductivity of the heart" - added in the conclusion of Dr. Banks.

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