Chilean scientists have created a vaccine against alcoholism


Scientists from the University of Chile (Santiago) plan to start tests they developed a vaccine against alcoholism. Because the "vaccination against drunkenness" will first be tested on mice in the laboratory, and in November of this year to begin clinical trials in patients with multiple drug treatment clinics in the country.

After vaccination, a person can bear to look at alcohol and will not even be disinclined to drink it. But having made at least one drink, he would expose himself terrible tortures, resembling severe hangover symptoms. The vaccine prevents the development of liver enzymes that contribute to processing alcohol. As a result, load on the heart, which considerably complicates the situation.

Chilean scientists gather in February to start tests on laboratory mice vaccinated. On volunteers same drug will be tested in November of the same year. The developers admit that it is a small step forward in the treatment of alkogolizmoma, but quite important.

The idea of creating a vaccine came from researchers after studying their reactions to alcohol inhabitants of such Asian countries as China, Korea, Japan. In some of them, as you know, lost the gene responsible for the digestion of alcohol in the body. That’s why nearly 20 percent of the population of these States do not consume alcohol at all.

Administration of a vaccine completely blocks the expression of genes responsible for the activity of the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase. Such a vaccine virtually deprives the human liver ability to break down alcohol into water and carbon dioxide, whereas the accumulation of intermediate products of decomposition will occur in the body, causing tachycardia (increased heart rate), nausea, vomiting, and severe headache.

The "neutralize" the effect of the vaccine would be impossible. Vaccinated person sip even a tiny amount of liquor will experience several minutes later a very unpleasant sensation, similar to those that are characteristic of alcohol withdrawal syndrome after alcohol abuse.

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