Pitahaya recognized as the most valuable product of the year


Taiwanese scientists have for several months been studying the beneficial properties of various fruits, native to Asia and South America. As a result of careful study of experts came to the conclusion that the most beneficial to human health is the fruit of a cactus - pitahaya or, as it is called, dragon fruit.

The researchers found in this exotic fruit content of nutrients that help the human body to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and normalize blood pressure.

In addition, the pitahaya pulp is rich in calcium and high in vitamin C. In the tropical fruit also contains antioxidants found in their dragon fruit as much as in blueberries. But the seeds of the fruit enriched with fatty acids - omega-3.

So, choosing to stay warm countries of South-East Asia, you will have the opportunity to eat this miracle fruit. Pitahaya - this useful and not the usual tropical fruit - can be found in Thailand.

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