Vegetarians are a third less risk of dying from a heart attack


Vegetarians risk of hospitalizations and deaths from heart disease by 32% less than that of people who eat animal products - meat and fish. These are the facts of scientists from Oxford University, who published their work in the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In developed countries, diseases of the cardiovascular system - the most common cause of death. Because of this, in the UK alone 65,000 people die each year, according to a press release from the university.

"The risk is largely due to the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure and stresses the important role of human nutrition in the prevention of cardiovascular disease," - said Dr. Francesca Crowe of the Department of Oncology at the University of Oxford.

In the large-scale study involving issues of nutrition and heart disease, was attended by about 45,000 residents of England and Scotland, of which 34% were vegetarians. Recruit volunteers from 1990 to answer questions about their health and lifestyle. They talked in detail in particular on nutrition and physical activity. Approximately 20,000 participants also kept records of indicators in blood pressure and regularly donate blood to check the level of cholesterol. Observations continued until 2009.

The researchers were able to calculate risk reduction of 32% after taking into account the following factors: age, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, level of education and socio-economic status.

"The results clearly indicate that vegetarians risk of heart disease by about one-third lower than the admirers of animal food," - said the director of the Department of Oncology at the University of Oxford and study co-author Tim Kay.

During the study, scientists have recorded 1,235 incidences of cardiovascular disease, including 169 deaths and 1066 hospitalizations.

In vegetarians were marked lower pressure indicators and cholesterol. In addition, they do not suffer from obesity and diabetes rarely sick, even though it had no direct impact on the results. By excluding from the analysis of data on body mass index, it can be argued that vegetarians are still 28% less likely to develop heart disease.

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