Sex - a poor substitute for sports training


There is a widespread belief that sex can burn up to 300 calories a person, which saves him from having to going to the gym, grueling workouts, as well as restrictions in the use of sweets at night. However Deved Ellison, a researcher from the University of Alabama, in a recent finding debunked this myth, stating that the average person burns during love-making no more than 21 calories.

According to scientists, the duration of sexual intercourse an average of six minutes, as reported by The Daily Mail. Translating all this into calories, it appears that the act of one is equivalent to walking the walk.

Dr. Allison also noted the ineffectiveness physical training conducted at the school because of insufficient intensity and duration of lessons. Among other things, adds a habit not to have breakfast, which ultimately leads to obesity.

In addition, the researcher came to the following conclusion when it came to dropping excess weight: severe loss of weight and a clear statement of the person’s ambitious goals is not always threaten to failure. Some people just need to set a maximum bar that will help them to remove as much extra inches around the waist.

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