Marriage protects against heart attack


Analysis of national database for an incidence of myocardial infarction allowed Finnish scientists conclude that people living in a marriage are less prone to heart disease exacerbations and are capable of more rapid recovery, if you had not managed to avoid a heart attack.

Among the main reasons for this imbalance, according to the authors, was the best patient care and taking care of him in the family, more rapid action of native myocardial (call "fast"), as well as a higher socio-economic status and a healthier lifestyle in general . The complexity of the situation with the single people who have experienced a heart attack, arise from the fact that there is no one to see to it, as they carry a doctor’s prescription to receive prescribed medications, which is important in the long term.

The amount associated with the violation of the heart of emergency admissions was nearly equal for both men and women. Meanwhile, the number ranged in age cases of heart attack, according to the analysis, it was 58% -66% higher among single men and 60-65% higher among unmarried women. With regard to mortality, the difference in them was more. Among unmarried men it was higher by 60% -168%, and among unmarried women - a 71% -175%.

So, for example, consist in the legal relationship of men aged 65-74 years the incidence of death from a heart attack during the period 28 days after the incident was 866 - to 100,000 people, while the number of bachelor cases was - 1792. It does not matter if there was a married man before. Mortality after myocardial women of the same age was in the case of marriage - 247 cases per 100,000 persons and 493 cases - among single women.

In the study used a national database of myocardial infarction, which summarizes the data from 1993 to 2002. The evaluation was attended by people older than 35 years from four different geographic regions of Finland. The researchers took into account all cases of acute kardiosindroma fatal without it. "We wanted to explore the difference observed in mortality and prognosis of acute coronary syndrome, guided by socio-demographic characteristics (marital status and size of the property)," - the authors report. Over 10 years in the register was only there were more than 15.3 thousand incidences of acute kardiosindromov, of which more than half resulted in death - the death of a patient due within 28 days.

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