The human body is capable of producing analgesics


That was the conclusion of experts at the University of Michigan. They believe that this unique ability of the human body manifests itself in times when it is urgently needed medical care, but for some reason this does not arrive.

According to scientists, the human brain can generate signals the body to produce substances necessary for him painkillers comparable in effectiveness to pharmaceuticals. This requires only a small stimulation of the main control center of the body. An effective method of exposing it to become weak a shock. Innovation has been named Noninvasive Transcranial.

This method of "charging" of the brain causes it to start the process of production in the body painkiller natural origin - the endogenous opioid. This method is considered a revolutionary and vital especially for those who most medications cause severe allergies.

In earlier studies, Finnish researchers proved the ability of the human body’s own struggle with diseases such as diabetes and obesity. In order to enable this function only needs to use regular whole-grain foods, digestion which promotes the release of a special hormone in the body. GLP-1 - new biologically active chemical substance, which reduces the appetite, and reducing the risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

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