Scientists: excess sugar causes the development of cancer


Sugar in moderation brings benefits to the body, providing it with the necessary energy. However, an excess of it in the diet can increase a number of metabolic processes leading to cancer development. "All - poison everything - medicine, both defines the dose," as a physician and scientist Paracelsus.

Obesity is known as a major cause of disease such as diabetes, in which human blood there is a high concentration of sugar. However, few people know that obesity and diabetes related equally well with an increased risk of cancer development.

An independent laboratory study conducted by Spanish doctors found that patients with diabetes, the risk of pancreatic cancer or colon cancer higher than twice the average for the population.

Doctor of Science from the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and author of Kyustodya Garcia-Zhimene (Custodia Garcia-Jimenez) from the Colegio discovered the genetic component of obesity and diabetes link to cancer. The presence of high blood sugar levels, can "turn on" genes that cause the formation of cancer in the body.

After analyzing the response of intestinal cells by the appearance of a sugar, the researchers found that the dietary intake of the substance helps produce the hormone GIP, which in turn causes the pancreas to secrete insulin.

Wherein the ability of cells in the gut hormone secreting GIP controls protein ?-catenin and its activity is also determined by the level of blood sugar.

Too vigorous activity of ?-catenin is a key condition for the development of cancer and normal cells can turn into malignant. The study shows that the excess (with a deviation from the norm), blood sugar triggers the accumulation of ?-catenin, and calls the process of cell proliferation.

It turns out that the actual system designed to protect our body from the effects of sugar, which was destructive, parallel causes harm to the body, increasing the risk of cancer in it.

"We were surprised by the fact that the diabetes-induced changes in metabolism and affect more at risk of developing cancer. Now we want to see whether there is the possibility of other elements of our diet affect us the same way," - said Dr. Custodio Garcia.

The authors are trying to get people to think about their daily diet, lead the following statistics: in the world of today, about 366 million people have diabetes. The number of people with this diagnosis is incremented by one every five seconds, while every seven seconds a patient dies.

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