Chewing gum improves brain


Japanese scientists from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences conducted a study and found that regular consumption of chewing gum, which was considered a bad habit earlier, has a beneficial effect on brain function.

During the use of chewing gum activates thinking, increased alertness by 10%, and increases the rate of reactions reported by foreign media, referring to the information published in the scientific journal Brain and Cognition.

According to the study, the process of chewing gum leads to an active state eight different areas of the cerebral cortex by means of a temporary strengthening of the blood supply.

In the study, researchers scanned the brains of participants in the experiment, chew gum, and compared them with a control group. Test duration was 30 minutes. As it turned out, a number of indicators in the first group of volunteers was much better than the second.

Thus, the reaction rate does not chewed men and women, average was 545 milliseconds, whereas chewing - 493 milliseconds. The first group of participants differed, and other higher cognitive performance - alertness, excitation level, concentration, memory and the power of the heart rhythm, which allows the brain to receive more nutrients, oxygen, insulin.

Meanwhile, people who chewed gum had difficulty remembering the columns of numbers and letters, compared with those who carried out tasks with empty mouth. Chewing gum according to the researchers, affects short-term memory, creating a noise like other body movements carried out during the operation of the brain.

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