TV viewing reduces sperm quality


A team of U.S. scientists found that men who spend watching television too long, sperm concentration falls short of the standard indicators twice.

Participants in the survey - 189 young people aged 18 to 22 years old - had to tell about their television preferences, diet, as well as to provide semen samples. Thus, the researchers found that men who spend every day watching television for more than 20 hours, sperm by 44 per cent less than men, leading an active lifestyle.

In addition, the presence of physical activity, they add specialists, is another important factor in the quality of sperm.

"The results of the tests have shown that men who exercise a week for more than 15 hours of such a measure of intensity, as" moderate to vigorous "have more sperm at 75 percent, than those who paid training only 5 hours. However, no indicator at exercising is not been so low that the man was unable to conceive a child, "- said in a report on the analysis.

"In developed countries, the quality and concentration of sperm in a man’s sperm in the last decade drastically reduced, compromising the reproductive health of the stronger sex, but most of the men of these threats has no idea" - commented the authors.

Scientists still unclear exactly what the cause of what is happening, but they suspect that it lies in the very sedentary lifestyle, which is an increase in the load on the groin. Stiffness in turn has increased the level of oxidative stress, the process of damage to the body’s cells from oxidation, no less detrimental to sperm.

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