Tattoos can cause skin cancer


Medical studies U.S. experts showed that used for tattooing ink, contains many toxic substances which may cause skin cancer. Especially harmful blue ink, which is composed of cobalt and aluminum.

In red ink was discovered by researchers mercury sulfide, and other colors won chromium, titanium, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals that are dangerous for human health.

The experts also noted that the equipment is unsafe for applying the tattoo. That is, it can become a source of infection such deadly diseases such as hepatitis B and C and even HIV. In addition, tattoos can trigger the development of skin cancer. They are strictly forbidden to be applied to areas of the body where there is a mole.

However, this list of the unfortunate consequences of tattooing is not finished. During execution of a permanent tattoo is affected muscle tissue. Therefore, doctors urge to pick a place for a tattoo.

Some types of paints can cause allergy, which could then lead to serious health problems. No less safe is the reduction and tattoo, because after this the skin can become discolored or dark.

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