Aussie 25 years has lost all the teeth out of love for soda


Carbonated drinks, it seems, is not harmful to health, such as alcohol. However, in the absence of a sense of proportion and soda can ruin a man’s life. So, addicted 25-year-old Aussie stake to the cause of tooth loss.

For three years, William Kenneuel, according edition Adelaide Now, every day, drink 6-8 liters of sweet drinks. All the warnings and recommendations ignored dentist boyfriend. In the end, I had all my teeth, blackened by decay, remove and replace them with a prosthesis.

"For a person to have 32 teeth is considered the norm, but I have had them all 13. And those I had to remove - told a fan of cola. - I had not been a big fan of soda, addicted to drink and started working in the hotel business. All my teeth have rotted so much that began the process of blood poisoning. My health has improved only after I fished all his teeth, and I began to wear false teeth. "

Dr. Jason Armfield, an expert from the Australian Research Centre for Oral Health, issued a call to put on bottles and cans of carbonated beverages warning of serious consequences. In his opinion, this method will help prevent the spread of such cases. Armfield is the leader of the study, during which it was found that 56% of the 16,800 Australian children aged 5 to 16 years old, drink at least one serving of soda or juice daily.

William Kenneuel expressed his agreement on the proposal to write on the bottles with soft drinks warning, while questioning how such a measure would be effective.

In the Ministry of Health of Australia in connection with this case said the decision to redirect the health care system toward prevention of obesity and other health problems that are caused by an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

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