Scientists have found a new way to destruction of cancer cells


A tiny capsule that has been developed by U.S. researchers can inhibit cancer cells, it is not damaging healthy.

According to I. Tan, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, the capsule is made of a polymer that is soluble in water, safely delivering a protein complex in the nucleus of cancer cells. This complex - it apoptin, which was derived from an avian anemia - just causes them to death. This protein accumulates in the nucleus directly cancer cells and generates signals which cause the cells to self-destruct.

Dimensions of the capsule is about 100 nanometers. Sheath safely dissolved in healthy cells. The author of this study notes that this process does not pose any risk of mutations associated with gene therapy of cancer, or a risk to the remaining healthy cells, which is caused by chemotherapy, does not distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells.

"This is a new approach to cancer treatment itself. Without the use of" vehicle "is difficult to deliver the protein in tumor cells. Was created a unique method of treating cancer cells, allowing to keep healthy," - said I. Tan.

Tests that have been carried out already in mice that hoisted human breast cancer cells, revealed a significant decrease in tumor growth.

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