Products that help you cope with stress


Vegetables, as it turned out to be useful not only to maintain a slim figure. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables improves the mood of some species, according to a new study.

For example, carrots not only gives smoothness and freshness of the skin, protects against the development of breast cancer, but also makes people more optimistic view on life. This conclusion was recently scientists from Harvard University. Magic property of carrots researchers associated with an increased content of carotenoids in the body - in particular, beta-carotene, which is literally full of vegetables. This miraculous substance actually has anti-stress properties, is found in all orange fruits, and some vegetables in green - spinach and peas.

The results of blood tests taken from 1000 men and women aged 25 to 74 years, have allowed scientists to come to similar conclusions. The subjects were also asked to fill out a questionnaire. The level of beta-carotene in the blood of optimistic people, as shown by comparison of the responses to the questions from the test results, was indeed higher than that of all other participants.

Thus, those who wish to see life ’in pink light ", should eat more fruits and orange vegetables. Three servings a day - the key to a great mood, and by the way, your ideal weight.

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