Scientists have figured out how much meat should a man to maintain muscle mass


A new study found that eating 170 grams of beef, along with exercise considerably improves protein synthesis in muscle fibers in men of middle age.

With age, the human body tend to lose muscle mass, but now researchers have discovered a way to help slow down the process.

The main objective of the study conducted by the University of McMaster (Exercise Metabolism Research Group), was to establish minimum standards of consumption of meat, depending on the amount of protein required to maintain muscle mass in middle-aged men.

The researchers measured muscle protein synthesis necessary for growth, repair and maintenance of skeletal muscles in middle-aged men who regularly train in the gym.

The results showed that the amount of meat which is required for optimal men maintain their muscle mass is twice as compared with the previously recommended portions.

"Until now, experts have argued that a man should consume at least 80 grams of meat per meal to ensure the rate of protein in the body," - said Dr. Stuart Phillips (Stuart Phillips), author and leader of the study.

"However, our results show that the rate of consumption of meat for middle-aged men should be increased due to the fact that the body needs more protein to maintain muscle mass. Our information will help slow the loss of muscle mass in old age, men, "- he added.

The study was published in the current issue of the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.

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