Snoring was more dangerous than smoking and obesity


The shocking discovery was made recently by U.S. researchers: regular snoring increasingly threatens the health of the body, particularly the heart than smoking and obesity.

Scientists have explained this by the fact that snoring promotes thickening or deformation of the carotid artery, which provides blood of the human brain. Therefore, there is an increased risk of a heart attack while sleeping.

The researchers found that snoring causes of diseases of the cardiovascular system is much more common than smoking or obesity.

Participants in the experiment were 54 people aged 18 to 50 years, the last survey, in which they had to report on the availability at snoring. Then, with the help of U.S. investigators determined the thickness of the carotid artery in the volunteers.

As it turned out, the thickness of the inner layers of the arterial wall in people’s snoring was much larger than the other participants. The researchers note that the constant fluctuation during snoring lead to thickening of the arteries and subsequently to inflammation.

It was also found that about a quarter of constantly snoring women and four out of ten men, while nearly half snore from time to time. Scientists argue that the state is just as dangerous to humans, as well as high blood pressure.

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