The rim Cefaly relieves headaches in 20 minutes


Scientists from Belgium introduced a new device that eliminates the migraine. Wearing a headband Cefaly for 20 minutes, according to the researchers, eliminates painful headaches, according to the publication The Daily Mail.

The device is in the form of silver hoop looks like a futuristic movie about the subject of the future. Emitting electrical impulses, he directs them to the supraorbital nerve, responsible for the control of eye and feel around them. The scientists tested the device on 67 volunteers. The tests lasted for three months.

Results of the study showed that participants who wore the ring two months, suffered a devastating headache-third less. A number of patients with migraine decreased by 50% or more tripled.

The rim should be worn on the forehead, securing it behind her ears. Experts recommend to put on and wear it for 20 minutes once a day. The effect is similar to the hoop medicines for migraine headaches, but it has no side effects. Cefaly can be purchased for 260 pounds sterling.

On the U.S. pharmaceutical market has previously been admitted to an approved electronic patch Zecuity, relieving acute migraine, including those with aura. It delivers the human body via the skin sumatriptan current widely used anti-migraine drug.

British experts, in turn, offered a pocket-sized device for migraine, which is the source of magnetic pulses that stimulate the trigeminal nerve.

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