Exercise reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer


A new study conducted by experts of veteran Medical Center in Durham (England) found that exercise and workout in the gym at the white-skinned men reduce the risk of prostate cancer or facilitate the course of the disease. The results of this scientific research is not relevant to men with dark skin, reports Medical Xpress.

Earlier studies have already shown the connection between exercise and a reduced likelihood of developing prostate cancer. Furthermore, it was found that black risk of the disease with fatal higher than skinned. However, the reason for these differences still was not clear.

A team led by Lionel Banes author of the study interviewed 164 143 light-skinned and dark-skinned, who have undergone prostate biopsy, in order to collect information on how often they are doing in the gym. The load has been classified by experts in the following categories: inactive lifestyle, a sedentary lifestyle, a load of medium and high. Biopsy results of fair-skinned men with a load of high to medium with 53% less likely to indicate the presence of their prostate cancer than men who were sedentary or inactive lifestyle. However, in men with dark skin relationship between physical activity and cancer prostate was observed.

Experts also during the work evaluated the effect of exercise on the size of existing tumors in men. Patients who regularly visited the gym, 13% were less prone to the emergence of the advanced stage of the disease. This trend was noted only in people with fair skin.

"According to the study, the risk of developing prostate cancer is independent of physical activity in dark-skinned, being at risk, they are more likely to develop an aggressive form of cancer. Required number of additional studies to identify the mechanism that gives rise to racial inequality in the ways of fighting cancer," - said in conclusion L.Banes.

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