Black tea protects against dementia in old age


According to a meta-analysis of several studies, tea reduces the risk of dementia in old age. Daily use 4 cups of the drink also improves memory.

Ceylon teas varieties have a beneficial effect on cognitive function in older adults, according to Daily Mail.

U.S. researchers examined data from six studies involving more than 7,000 people. The volunteers reported how often they drink tea or coffee, and took the test, allowing experts to judge the state of their memory. Such a test is usually used for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage. After 10 years of research carried out repeatedly, and any deterioration of the brain was visible. As a result, scientific studies have shown that those who prefer black tea, continued to remain in a sound mind and memory.

In one study it was found that four or more cups of black tea a day contribute to improve memory. A 2 or 3 cups of tea a day reduces the risk of dementia by 43%. Another experiment, which was conducted by scientists from the U.S., showed a positive effect of tea on a woman’s health.

Experts say that some of the components contained in tea, protect the brain from the damaging effects of a number of chemical compounds that adversely affect the elderly on brain function. It is, in particular, the amino acid L-thiamine, which is abundant in tea leaves. Coffee like no effect, the scientists explain.

Experts have noted that they intend in the future to understand the exact mechanism of action of tea on the brain cells, which reduces the risk of dementia.

According to statistics, the residents of the UK drink tea more than anyone in the world. In 98% of Britons drink diluted with hot milk.

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