Insomnia causes suicidal thoughts


Insomnia, accompanied by nightmares, evoke a sense of hopelessness, it may lead to suicidal thoughts. This was reported by scientists from the U.S., whose work with the detailed description of the information to be published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

"It is known that insomnia and nightmares, which often go hand in hand, are indicators of risk for suicide, but how they provoke them so far been unknown. Our research confirmed this relationship and outlined the concept of hopelessness sleep quality (in this case, the sense of hopelessness, different from that to which the person may have to face in their personal and working relationship), "- said Dr. Vaughn McCall (Vaughn McCall) of the American Academy of Medicine (American Academy of Sleep Medicine), in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Regents Georgia (Georgia Regents University).

The study included the use of psychometric tests to objectively assess the status of 50 patients aged 20 to 84 years with depression who were treated inpatient, outpatient or emergency. Of these, 72% were women. In the past, 56% of participants have made at least one suicide attempt.

The results showed that the volunteers generally observed a moderate degree of symptoms of insomnia. And, despite the hopelessness connection with thoughts of suicide, their direct connection with insomnia or nightmares missing.

"Insomnia, as it turned out, could lead to a rather special type of hopelessness, which is a powerful catalyst for suicide," - said McCall.

The authors hope that they made the opening of special treatment for sleep may indicate new directions in the work of psychiatrists on suicide prevention.

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