Sugar heals wounds


Experts say that sugar, deriving from the wound fluid, prevents the growth of bacteria, which it needs water. Thus, pathogens are killed. Clinical tests prove promising approach, reports news agency BBC.

As an example the case of 62-year-old patient Alan Bayliss, who partially amputated the right leg and the left vein was removed. It was after surgery on his left leg formed a serious wound that does not heal and not dragged.

The doctors decided to try to speed up the healing of wounds with sugar. At the foot was bandaged. At first bandage was spent almost an entire bank of sugar, in view of the fact that the wound was very deep. However, two weeks later, doctors are required only 4-5 teaspoons.

At the moment, half in three hospitals in the West Midlands completed follow-up studies. Sugar on Me therapy successfully tested 35 people. Treatment, as noted by physicians had a positive impact on both the physical and the emotional state of patients.

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