Hiking in the solarium can replace fruits and vegetables


Specialists of St. Andrews University in Scotland, said recently that with the help of a special diet, you can achieve the effect of sunburn, reports The Daily Mail.

This requires daily use of at least three servings of fresh fruits and vegetables (including carrots, cabbage and kiwi). Subject to such a diet will skin healthy and radiant and will get some sort of tanning as early as 6 weeks.

The experts conducted a study involving several volunteers examined the effects of diet on skin color. All participants (men and women) were photographed before and after the experiment. As a result, it was found that regular consumption of fruit and vegetables helps enhance red and yellow shades leather of natural origin.

Then the volunteers were shown pictures of other people who were asked to rate their appearance. The highest marks were given to the owners of healthy, radiant skin. Experts believe that companies who promote the idea of having consumed five daily servings of vegetables and can safely use the results of this study. As it turned out, vegetables and fruits are not only beneficial to health, but also can be an excellent replacement solarium.

"Our work has shown a more than convincing results, people need to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and to pay more attention to your diet. It turned out to be affects the appearance, excessive consumption of fruits and vegetables gives a light tan skin," - commented Ross Whitehead , author of the study. This effect, as the researcher associated with nutrients carotenoid responsible for the coloration of certain products. They are present in almost all sectors of human skin.

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