The new facility has a hangover instant action


The problem of severe consequences drunken parties will soon decide the new "Antipohmelin" reception which will help sober up in a matter of seconds.

Hangover cure, developed by researchers at the University of California, is a truly healing cocktail of enzymes that metabolize alcohol in the body. Results from clinical trials have shown that the drug reduces the blood alcohol level of laboratory mice with a very high speed. This method of therapy professionals already compared with the appearance of the stomach "of millions of cells of the liver."

In the experiment, the scientists injected the rodents that were in the state of alcohol intoxication nanocapsules containing the two enzymes. One of the two enzymes is miraculous oxidase, its use results in the release of hydrogen peroxide. This byproduct can be very dangerous to your health. In connection with this action oxidase is required to balance the second enzyme.

Despite the fact that the research is still at an early stage, and the results can not be double-checked by humans. Scientists believe they are on the way to creating a revolutionary new drugs, get rid of a hangover, which act as antidotes alcohol. It is possible that in the near future they will be in pharmacies in the form of pills.

Elimination rate of alcohol a new drug will now drivers who refuse for friendly table for a drink, to support the company, after drinking some alcohol without fear get drunk. The new medicine will find popularity among young people, actively attending a party. However, the safety of the rapid elimination of alcohol from the human body must be checked for additional studies.

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