Fast-food destroys the liver like hepatitis


Enough to spend a month on fast food to cause liver damage in the same degree as hepatitis. This is the conclusion of one of the creators of American television.

The purpose of the next program of "Doctor" were looking for new dokzatelstv harm of fast food. Adhering to this diet a month can disrupt liver. The most dangerous components of such a diet is french fries since it contained a number of additional ingredients.

"We know that the potato is fried in fat and add a lot of salt, - says one of the characters in the film Dr. Drew Ordon. - But few people know that in this same potatoes and put more sugar. For what it’s there for? It is with its a potato slices become an appetizing golden crust. should be noted that the fried onions and chicken liver is also very bad moves. Unlimited amount of fat, particularly saturated fatty promotes organ. "

Changes in liver enzymes, according to the expert, under the influence of regular use of fast food compared with the changes due to hepatitis. This disease leads eventually to the complete destruction of the liver. Today, only 160,000 work in the U.S. fast-food restaurants, serving 50 million visitors every day - one in six Americans.

On the dangers of fast food, as emphasized by Dr. Ordo, Americans and citizens of other countries are aware of. But this food, they learn to love a child. Modern manufacturers, sparing fat and sugar, create a flavor that attracts children, and from which they then can not refuse.

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