Chemicals in food and household items - the cause of spike disease in the world


The chemicals contained in the objects used in everyday life, can lead to the development of breast cancer, asthma, infertility and birth defects, according to Daily Mail, with reference to the WHO.

Members of the World Health Organization in its report suggests that in order to protect future generations may need to ban the use of chemicals. According to data presented in the report, substances such as phthalates, can be dangerous for the female reproductive system, and are also associated with an increased incidence of morbidity in children, particularly leukemia, reports the publication.

"Under Suspicion turned and bisphenol A contained in many everyday items, including cans and sunglasses," - says the article.

Once in the body, artificially synthesized components responsible for making hormones, explains the author of the article.

"With regard to cases of prostate cancer, for which there are" strong evidence "that confirm the presence of the disease due to the pesticides used in agriculture. Also known facts of the development of obesity in infants and children and breast cancer in women as a result of exposure to these substances during pregnancy "- are publishing findings of the report.

WHO does not dare assert that these chemicals and cause of the most common diseases today, but indicates that the data in some cases testify to this.

"The impact of these chemicals on the body can lead to obesity, infertility, difficulties with remembering while learning acquired diabetes or cardiovascular disease, as well as many other diseases", - stated in the WHO report.

"Now the EU is trying to come to an agreement on the issue of identification of hormone disrupting chemicals, in order to control their exposure," - said Elizabeth Salter Green of the CHEM Trust.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that purportedly Chemical Industries Association, natural substances in beer, coffee and chocolate may have a greater impact on the function of the hormones compared to artificial chemicals, prevents edition.

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