Immune system to destroy the problems in his personal life


Complex relationships and frequent quarrels in the family are having a devastating effect on the immune system of the spouses.

Family problems caused excitement and experiences, bringing in people increases the level of cortisol - "stress hormone", which significantly affects their health. Emotional background that arises from a psychological standpoint, causes people to exaggerate the gravity of the situation and do "out of proportion", which subsequently leads to the interpretation of ambiguous events in a negative light. Being in a state of uncertainty, they are constantly in search of evidence that they really love.

Experts from Ohio State University have tried to explore how the state of anxiety affected the 85 couples who married in attitude was an average of 12 years or more, according to the publication The Daily Mail.

The results showed that people with a high degree of anxiety was found hormone cortisol by 11 percent more than that of all other participants. Besides, they have proved the health weaker. It was found that the number of T-cells that are used to suppress the immune system, infections in these couples was 22 percent lower than in families where there is agreement and harmony.

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