Red wine has a beneficial effect on hearing


A powerful natural antioxidant resveratrol contained in red wine, prevents hearing loss and prevents cognitive impairment. New information is presented in a press release issued by experts Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

The study found that healthy rats suffering from hearing loss less prolonged exposure to excessive noise in the case of early coupon resveratrol. "Our attention has been focused on resveratrol, in particular, its effect on the inflammatory process, as it is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, aging and hearing loss. Resveratrol - a powerful antioxidant of natural origin", - says Michael Seidman, author of the study.

M.Seydman with colleagues tried to determine the progress of resveratrol protective mechanism by examining its effect on the protein expression of cyclooxygenase-2 (or COX-2), which is an important component of the inflammatory process, and also the formation of reactive oxygen species which play a key role in cell signaling and self-regulation.

Experiments conducted on laboratory rats have shown that the acoustic stimulation they are time-dependent activation of expression of COX-2 protein. Resveratrol is the same that was given to animals, reduces reactive oxygen greatly inhibits the expression of COX-2 and helps to reduce hearing loss caused by noise. "We were able to demonstrate that administration of resveratrol in animal organisms, gives us the ability to prevent hearing loss and mental impairment" - the M.Seydman.

Hearing loss is marked almost every fifth inhabitant of the United States. For many people, hearing begins to decline with age. Hearing loss caused by noise - this is one of the common problems in the U.S. military. About 12% of them home from Iraq and Afghanistan, returning with a significant hearing loss. Deafness can cause difficulties in communication, as well as sleeping, and even increase the risk of heart disease due to increased lipid levels, blood pressure and blood sugar.

For more information studies described an article published in the current issue of the journal Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

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