Smoking causes more harm to the male body


It has long been known for a fact that quitting smoking helps people to improve their health and achieve performance that are characteristic for people who have never smoked. In reality, things are not so simple. For example, a woman tied with a bad habit, and to healthy figures come out in about 10 years, publishing reports The Star. Men would require at least 20 years of age.

It turns out that the female body is capable of more rapid recovery. Or, men smoke more. In a particular case, to calculate the universal term recovery time is impossible, as all individually. One may take five years, and another to the previous state will never return.

However, in order to restore the normal functioning of the heart, on average, it takes about 20 years. If a person does not quit smoking, then the likelihood of fatal heart disease increases by 60%. The information was based on data collected over 16 years. During this period, died of heart disease 18% of men and 14% women.

The risk of developing serious diseases depend on how much and how often a person smoked. For example, men who smoked 25 cigarettes daily, with illnesses encountered twice as likely as those who did not smoke. Meanwhile, in women who smoke cigarettes daily to 15, the risk was increased by 50%.

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