Scientists will create a powerful antibiotic of human sweat


Antibacterial drug created from human sweat can actually win superbagi sick and deadly strains of tuberculosis. The secret to the effectiveness of this antibiotic is as follows: activation of protein dermcidin (DCD), which is in the human body is in a salty, slightly acidic sweat. Thus, passing through the cell membrane of pathogens, it destroys them.

Using it as a transport molecule can develop effective medicines that will penetrate into any cell. This allows you to control a large number of bacteria, knowing their atomic structure.

As noted by Dr. Ulrich Zakaraia from the University of Edinburgh, in nature there are only about 1,700 natural antibiotics. They can be a real salvation for mankind in the spread of pathogens resistant to many drugs.

Allocation of DCD through the sweat glands occurs in the case of damage to the skin. Related to antimicrobial peptides connection, can quickly clean the wound from any bacterial species.

The results showed that the protein molecular structure is flexible, elongated and abnormally permeable. It adapts to different types of cell membranes, which allows you to fight and fungi. The substance has been shown to be effective against infections such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Staphylococcus aureus.

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