An active sex life leads to addiction and alcoholism


The surprising fact was recently discovered by scientists: the more sexual partners a person had, the more he was exposed to the risk of alcoholism and drug addiction. This risk is especially high for women. Experts to study the effect indiscriminate sexual relations based on the occurrence of harmful seized more 1000zhiteley New Zealand who were born in the period 1972-1973. in. Participants had to tell me how much they had sexual partners, as well as its relation to drugs and alcohol.

It was found that women, on account of which in the age of 18-20 years have been more than 2-3 sexual partners, 10 times more often had problems with drugs and alcohol, compared to those who had none or only one partner. By the age of 25 years, the presence of 2-3 partners increased the risk of dependency by a factor of 7. If at the age of 25-31 years for women was 3.2 partner, the risk of drug and alcohol abuse in this case increased by 18 times. As for men, they have also increased the probability, though not as much as the fair sex.

According to the survey, 24% of women aged 20-25 years reported having two or more sexual partners in the last year, the same number of partners was 29% of men. Mental disorders, as well as the conditions of the social environment, as they note, have a considerable influence on the human craving for alcohol and drugs. However, even in the absence of these factors was confirmed by a close relationship between risky sexual behavior and drug addiction. Scientists have concluded that the main reason for this phenomenon may be due to impulsiveness.

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