The Mediterranean diet protects against heart disease


Avoid problems with the heart to help compliance with the Mediterranean diet. As it turned out, a diet consisting mainly of vegetables, fruits and olive oil, to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks by 30%. This has been proven by researchers who have studied for a long time to bond supply and life expectancy. The results were so striking that the study lasted almost five years.

Experts Barcelona’s Institute of Health found that a Mediterranean diet helps to prevent cardiovascular disease in mind its content of certain foods, especially such as nuts and olive oil.

The study was conducted in Spain, where to eat regularly consume these products. The diet of the Spanish population is replete with vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish, cheeses. It also has a bit of wine and meat. In the study, researchers observed the participants (7000), which in addition to this menu, they used a small amount of nut mixture and refined olive oil.

It has already been shown that such a diet leads to a reduced risk of mortality due to disorders of the heart. However, according to information received, a Mediterranean menu improve health in the event that a person is already suffering from cardio-vascular disease.

In the experiment, the participants were divided into three groups. Volunteers from the first group adhered to a Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil. From the second group added nuts. Members of the third group were of normal diet low in fat.

So, five years after the study, 58 people from the third group had a stroke. In the group of people who consumed the Mediterranean products with nuts, was recorded 32 cases of stroke. In the first group, 49 people became ill.

Furthermore, it was found that the Mediterranean diet increases the average life span of five years.

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