Internet addiction causes breaking and mental disorders


Dependence on the Internet can lead to depression and withdrawal symptoms, according to a new study published in the journal PlOS One.

The study saw a total participation of 60 adults who regularly use the Internet. They found some of them have significant mood disorders, as well as the status of a syndrome similar to the cancellation or withdrawal symptoms typical of people suffering from drug addiction.

All volunteers were asked to undergo a series of psychological tests by which experts identified the following indicators: the level of anxiety, depression and the presence of a number of other characteristics associated directly with the mood. Separate passing a special test helped to establish their level of Internet addiction. It turned out that the active Internet user rate increases significantly negative emotions as soon as they turn off the computer.

Such a negative effect on mood, as the authors of the study should be seen as something akin to withdrawal symptoms. "During the last decades, since many publications on the subject, experts began to examine Internet addiction as a new psychopathology, which may be subject to a lot of people" - the researchers conclude.

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