Sugar substitutes can cause weight loss


Scientists have found that the use of artificial sweeteners, which are used for the production of health foods, preserving a slim figure, can have the opposite effect, contributing to weight gain.

The experiment, conducted by researchers of the University of Purdue, would be the use of laboratory rats were divided into two groups and fed different types of glucose. One group of animals received the yogurt with a sugar content, while the other - such as yoghurt, sweetened with saccharin, containing almost no calories, but which at the same time much sweeter than regular sugar.

Rodents fed yogurt with sugar substitute, as shown by the results of the study, eat several times more than their counterparts, gaining weight much faster.

Scientists believe that sugar substitutes can cause weight loss in mind disorders in the body natural taste mechanisms. The sweet taste helps the body, according to researchers, to assess the caloric content of food coming into the body. This directly affects the appetite and metabolic rate.

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