Pessimism increases life expectancy


Good news for pessimists: people with dark thoughts that are constantly in fear of what the future is more likely to live longer than a few times, than the thoughtless optimists, according to a new study. Lowered expectations make people cautious, causing lead a healthier lifestyle.

A study conducted by German scientists envisaged the participation of more than 40,000 people. It was found that participants who were overly optimistic were more likely to die an early death or to be injured and become disabled.

Pessimistic views of the future may be an incentive for people to live with greater caution, observe all precautions and be attentive to their health. The study participants were divided into three groups according to age: 18-39 years, 40-64 years and older. All of them are reported every five years about how they were satisfied with their lives for the past 20 years.

For example, volunteers from the second group (43%) saw their future in shades of gray. Of these, 25% were confident that everything will be fine in their lives. Older people in contrast to the cheerful young people are generally more inclined to predict a bleak future. Therefore forecasts elderly were the most faithful. In addition, it was found that increasing the likelihood of injury to earn and prove to be invalid, the growth of revenues. That is, people with more limited resources and pessimistic attitude towards life can be rich optimists live longer.

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