Unhealthy diet expectant mother spoils the taste preferences of the baby


U.S. researchers conducted another study and found that the content in the diet of pregnant excessive amounts of sweet and fatty, salty and fried foods contributes to the formation of unhealthy appetite in children, according to Science Daily. "Appetite baby will be his real drug, since the absence of blocking opioid signaling pathway will initiate the production of dopamine, causing life-dependence" - experts explain.

Although the study was conducted on rats and puppies, scientists have no doubt that there is a similar effect in humans.

Comprehensive analysis showed that maternal unhealthy diet leads to changes in opioid signaling pathway formation situated in the brain of the fetus. As a result, the child’s body loses its sensitivity to opioids - substances released into our body when we eat too many fatty foods or sweets.

In children whose mothers were fed properly during pregnancy produced the so-called "tolerance" to opioids. Aimed at protecting the natural mechanism of the human body is turned off, and the man begins to unwittingly consume them in large quantities than is necessary for normal functioning.

"Hormones person - this is the language by which the body informs the brain about their needs, desires and prohibitions. Hormone-dependent appetite, mood, energy, and vitality of people, so it is important that from the very birth was a normal hormonal balance. We found in the study that a violation of the opioid signaling pathway causes the formation of "tolerance" for fatty and sweet foods. Of the risk of obesity increases by 40-90%, "the person - the authors of the study.

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