Viruses have their own immune system


A study conducted by the American microbiologist, showed the presence of one of the viruses analogue to the immune system. Protein destroys malware protection for the virus bacteria. The analysis revealed that the genome of the bacterium contains a protein CRISPR / Cas, are scientists previously only inside the bacteria. The appearance of this unique gene is associated with the possibility of bacterial cells partially assimilated, and then use some elements of the foreign DNA.

Bacteriophages - the most common types of bacteria on Earth. They are of great importance for the development of the ecosystem of the planet, however, the information on them, which have by far the scientists, is very scarce. After entering active microbe virus causes bacteria synthesize their own proteins, which promotes cell death. This allowed the virus to develop its own immune system, which protects them from V. cholerae, by assimilating the DNA of other bacteria.

One of the main uses of the properties of bacteriophages - antibiotic treatment, which is highly effective alternative treatment, providing for the use of antibiotics.

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