Cancer of the stomach learn to identify by breathing


A quick and simple analysis of breath can diagnose cancer, as shown by a new study.

Scientists from China and Israel have found that this type of test with 90 percent accuracy determines the cancer and to distinguish it from other causes of stomach complaints, conducting trials on 130 patients.

British Journal of Cancer reports that this procedure would produce a revolution in the diagnosis of cancer and significantly speed it up.

Only in the United Kingdom, sick with stomach cancer each year 7000, with most of the disease is in a state of neglect.

According to statistics, only two-thirds of them live for two years, and only one-fifth survive five years after diagnosis, despite treatment.

Currently, diagnosis of cancer is made by biopsy (tissue sampling) of the gastric mucosa.

The study found that 37 patients were ill with stomach cancer, 32 had gastric ulcer, and another 61 patients had other stomach problems.

This method can not only detect the presence of cancer with 90% accuracy, but also diagnose the stage of development of the disease.


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