Uncovered another secret to losing weight


The use of finely chopped food stimulates the process of losing weight, according to U.S. researchers. Today there are many more ways to lose weight than the treatment of any disease. Experts from the United States have followed a trend all diets include a list of prohibited and recommended products, as well as a menu for each day.

However, in the preparation of diets overlooked one important point: how all that food is better to eat. In this case, nutritionists noted that the effectiveness of the chosen method depends in particular on the method of eating.

Devin Vargar, an expert in nutrition from the University of Arizona, conducted a study showing that, dividing food into smaller pieces that people eat less, which helps to avoid overeating. The experiment consisted in the fact that the two groups of participants before the adoption of the basic food offered to eat on the bagel. Thus one group was served it entirely, whereas the second - cut into 4 parts.

Then the subjects were offered a variety of dishes. It was found that those who ate a bagel whole, there has been a greater appetite and a significantly lower level of saturable than those who tasted before it split into parts bagel.

In this case, as the author of the research project, the effect of the so-called works of visual deception, that is when the human brain is the same amount of food takes a cut, as a large portion. Among other things, small pieces of a person more thoroughly chews, which leads to better saturation of the stomach.

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