Scientists have discovered why the mornings so hard to wake up


Many people are familiar with the problem of severe wake in the morning. Sometimes it is so hard to make myself get out of bed that I have to myself almost pulling his hair. As it turned out, the point here is not the lack of sleep. Researchers of an Australian university, it was found that the blame for this biological clock, which is very slow work.

Scientists from Flinders University studied the delayed sleep phase disorder characterized mainly stand inability to sleep and wake up at the right time. This disorder, as it turns out, is celebrated mainly in people whose biological clock is running much slower than the normal condition.

As you know, most people 24-hour natural rhythm of the biological clock. It affects drowsiness and internal body temperature. However, people with impaired delayed sleep phase to complete the cycle takes longer, therefore, usually, they go to bed late and thus wake up later. At the moment, while it is not clear what has caused the violation of the biological clock. To do this, researchers need more time to figure out the issue.

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