Sex and love make people smarter


The researchers conducted an experiment where they took blood tests for the lovers and couples who live a long time in the marriage.

University of Pavia, Italian scientists were able to prove that at the stage of having sex love makes people smarter, and besides it has on human health beneficial effects.

As it became known, the fact that the nerves at the stage of love grow more intense, and it promotes the growth of responsiveness and ingenuity. In addition, the scientists say that during sex directly stimulates the growth of cells is in the part of the brain responsible for memory directly, as well as training.

The researchers conducted an experiment where they took blood for tests in couples, and in addition to have married, living for a long time in the marriage. The results of this study revealed that pairs of lovers recently been on the increase of nerve cells, but lived longer than people in the place, the least busy getting their growth.

Consequently, the most useful period for the brain are the very first years of love, that is, when the senses are at their peak. Also it is necessary to emphasize that scientists have proved - sex in principle has on the beneficial effects of stress, thus lowering it.

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