The skin from aging protect Chinese "fire massages"


The Chinese invented a new method of getting rid of wrinkles with the help of the so-called "fire-massage of the face." The procedure is applied to the skin beauticians towels soaked in "special elixir" containing alcohol, which is then set on fire.

This method prevents sagging skin and formation of wrinkles on her, encouraging her warmth. Furthermore, it effectively treats a variety of diseases including colds. Fire massage helps to even fight obesity, said the publication Huffington Post.

The developers of the method claim that this treatment is not at risk to humans because it is carried out thoroughly trained therapist, and the use of a special "elixir" warms the skin, which prevents burning. Miracle acting massage due to the reaction of adrenaline caused by a high fever. It changes the chemical state of the body, relieving stomach upset and speeding up the metabolism.

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