Electronic "device-tattoo" monitor the state of health


Moistureproof electronic tattoos can now watch the rhythm of the human heart in carrying out daily activities. Scientists have developed a device that can be "imprinted" in the patient’s skin, allowing it to keep track every day for their health.

"Epildermalnaya Electronics" was first demonstrated in studies of John Rogers of the University of Illinois. The gadget consists of ultatonkih electrodes, wireless power systems, sensors and communications. This device is theoretically possible to apply for implanting it into the skin. However, he found a number of significant drawbacks.

The technology is particularly suitable for those who work in the office, but swimming in the pool can damage the system, explained Rogers. But now a new method of "printing on the skin," this e-stuffing can make hardier, reports Technology Review.

Scientists found out that the ultra-thin electronics it is possible to implant into the surface layer of the skin. This means that in the cut of edlastometra used in earlier versions of the technology, you no longer need. After it was excluded, the size of the device was 13 times less. Tattoo, implanted under the skin on the body can be up to 2 weeks until the gadget will not be displayed on the surface due to natural exfoliation of the skin. Further implantation procedure should be repeated.

Within two weeks, the unit will regularly measure pressure, temperature, pulse, and moisture levels of the skin. The gadget will be especially useful for tracking the healing of wounds on the body. At this point, as noted by Rogers, the activities of his laboratory is focused on building communication systems. The scientist hopes that in the future he will be able to make the technology commercially, having established large-scale production of sensors implanted in the skin.

This innovative tattoo was first developed by Li Zijian Korean industrial designer. It is loaded from a PC to any part of the body. The uniqueness of this development was the introduction of a human skin matrix of electronic ink, the basis for future drawings.

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