Green tea and coffee to minimize the risk of stroke


Daily consumption of green tea and coffee reduces the risk of stroke by 14-20%, according to a new study by Japanese scientists, who published their work in the journal Stroke.

Experts from the Japan National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center conducted a survey in which more than 83,000 people in Japan aged 45 to 74 years. Participants were required to report on how often they drink coffee and green tea. Surveillance investigators lasted for 13 years. It was found that at least one cup of coffee per day reduced the risk of stroke by 20%. In Japan, the traditional cup of coffee holds a 170 ml drink.

People who drank two to three cups of green tea daily probability for stroke was 14% less, while the fans of the beverage daily drinkers than four cups - 20%.

The study participants who regularly drank at least one cup of coffee or two cups of green tea a day were suffering from hemorrhagic brain hemorrhage at 32% less. About 13% of all strokes - hemorrhagic.

The effect of the positive effects of beverages on cardiovascular health, as the researchers note, because they prevent the formation of blood clots. However, exactly how green tea affects the risk of stroke is unclear. The protective effect could give the components from the group consisting of green tea antioxidants - catechins. They have anti-inflammatory properties, increasing resistance to blockage of the blood vessels (thrombosis).

Some substances in coffee contain chlorogenic acid, reducing the risk of stroke, reducing the likelihood of developing type II diabetes. However, Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubu (Yoshihiro Kokubo), senior author of the study, said that a number of further research is needed to clarify how the combination of green tea and coffee can further reduce the risk of stroke.

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